Adult Class Welcome Info

Welcome to the Charlottetown Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Society! 

We are thrilled to share our passion for jiu jitsu with you. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a difficult but rewarding martial art. Unlike many other martial arts it has no striking, instead mostly taking place on the ground and utilising chokes, strangles and joint locks. The benefits of BJJ are plentiful both physically and mentally. 

We offer BJJ classes both in the gi and no gi. The complete CBJJS schedule can be found here: CBJJS Schedule. Classes are 60 minutes long including a warmup, jiu jitsu technique, and live sparring, which we call “rolling”. Safety is taken very seriously and all members will be expected to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner. 

A traditional jiu jitsu kimono or “Gi” (Gi: Pronounced "ghee", with a hard "g" (like in grapefruit). This is that funny looking pajama set you wear to train in. Yes, it is a kimono, but if you call it that, you'll single yourself out as a serious newbie) is worn for jiu jitsu class. We have CBJJS gis available for purchase at a cost of $150 . Gis can also be purchased online. Any colour is acceptable. Our CBJJS Gis are supplied by Break New Ground, which is a Canadian company. For no gi classes it is acceptable to wear athletic clothing. Other dos and don’ts for training are posted on our website and linked here: Hygeine & Safety

All members will begin training with a white belt and will earn promotions as they progress. Promotions are based on class attendance, attitude, effort, and ability. Progress is measured by 4 degrees, or stripes on the white belt, before progressing to the next colour.

See you on the mats soon!